Wireless Gateways

Discover the benefits of a robust network and improve plant communication with Emerson’s wireless gateway technology.


Choose the Proven Technology of Emerson Wireless Gateway

Implement wireless sensing networks with Emerson wireless gateways and see your plant in whole new way. Click below to get the latest version and installation instructions for the Wireless Gateway Firmware and Security Setup Utility. Use the Easy Upgrade Utility to download the latest version of Device Descriptions (DD) to 375/475 Field Communicators. DDs are used in EDDL capable host systems to configure and troubleshoot devices. 

Improve Operations with Gateway Technology


WirelessHART combines HART technology with wireless capabilities to create an adaptable wireless communications protocol for process automation applications. Designed as a self-healing, mesh technology that ensures 99.99% data reliability, this protocol enables communication between devices, eliminating the need for direct device communication to the gateway. Unlike other protocols, WirelessHART offers simple installation and robust, layered security to ensure network protection. 


Emerson wireless gateways are designed for straightforward installation, easily connecting to existing process technology and legacy host systems. Wireless gateways manage networks automatically and do not require configuration of communication paths, enabling devices to be added quickly. This scalable technology allows operations to expand and strengthen their wireless networks in challenging, hazardous and remote process locations, such as installations without a junction in outdoor locations.


Engineered to expand networks for an enhanced, comprehensive view of plant operations, Emerson wireless gateways can offer network capacities of up to 100 devices. These wireless gateways easily connect to existing process technology and manage the network automatically, allowing additional devices to be added quickly and at any time. This scalable technology also enables wireless sensors to be added based on highest priority, for improved operations, reduced energy use and enhanced safety.

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