Wireless Wellhead Measurement Solutions

Monitor your wells wirelessly to keep production on target.

Higher Yields in a Competitive Marketplace

Automate your field faster by reducing trenching, eliminating rework and reducing delays from crew scheduling and availability. Gain insight to remote operations with Emerson wireless. Maximize production by operating wells at target setpoints with this increased insight to overall field production.

Reduce maintenance and compliance costs with reliable, long-lasting automation equipment and tank level monitoring. Also spend less time on site and reduce the risk of environment fines

  • Monitor tubing pressure to detect production changes and abnormal conditions which reduces output and could lead to well work overs 
  • Measure casing or braden head pressures to monitor wellhead integrity to improve safety and reduce environmental incident risk 
  • Detect plunger arrival in artificial lift wells 
  • Monitor flowline temperature for production output changes associated with well performance, water breakthrough and injection problems 
  • Measure flow injection rates to optimize reservoir output and eliminate perforations of production wells
  • Monitor tubing and casing pressures to ensure well integrity to reduce environmental incident risk
  • Optimize energy usage across the field to reduce lifting and operating costs

Featured Wellhead Measurement Products

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