Fully automatic filling and sealing machine for the production of medicines in ampules

Equipment Management

Ensure operators and technicans have a complete understanding of the status of all equipment.


Track and Manage Equipment

Tracking equipment state throughout and between production runs is a difficult process. Ensuring that equipment is cleaned properly, ready for use, and calibrated in a timely manner is necessary for quality product.

With Syncade Equipment Management, feel confident that operators have a complete understanding of the status of each piece of equipment. Configurable workflows provide repeatable, documented steps to follow. All information is stored electronically and available for reviews and audits.

How it Works

Optimize Equipment Usage

Reduce downtime by scheduling and coordinating process workflows like cleaning and calibration. The status of all equipment can be quickly seen in the intuitive web application.

Replace Paper Equipment Logs

Electronically document all events associated with each piece of equipment, enforcing e-signatures when desired. Easily search for past events and activity. Equipment Management is the one-stop shop for managing equipment use, state, maintenance, and calibration records.

Reduce Equipment State Errors

Verify equipment status in real-time to ensure equipment or rooms are used only when in the proper state. Always know which equipment is available and prevent deviations related to using incorrect equipment.


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