Innovative Wireless Integrity Monitoring Systems Provide Real-time Data for Better Decisions

Our non-intrusive systems use unique sensor technology and wireless data delivery to continuously monitor for pipework metal loss from corrosion or erosion in the most difficult environments.

Permasense™ systems reliably deliver unmatched quality and frequency of data for better-informed operational decision making and enable safer, more profitable operations.


The Latest

NACE Corrosion 2017

Permasense is exhibiting at NACE Corrosion 2017, the world’s largest corrosion conference and exposition, March 26 – 30, in New Orleans, USA.
Apr 7, 2017
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Refinery Writes Article About Permasense Successes

Essar Oil’s world-class online real-time corrosion monitoring system at Vadinar. Essar Oil’s Vadinar Refinery has one of the most...
Apr 18, 2017
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First Deployment in Japan

Permasense has completed the certification process to allow the supply of monitoring systems to Japan and Russia.
Apr 18, 2017
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