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DCX Automation Power Supplies

Get superior welding results with the highest output-per-unit volume ratio of any ultrasonic power supply.

Maximum Power, Minimal Footprint

Increase automation up-time with Branson’s compact ultrasonic welding power supplies for automated assembly systems. The DCX Series features industry-first closed-loop amplitude control and can increase power, minimize downtime and enhance throughput. Backed by Branson’s high level of global technical and product support, these power supplies are designed specifically for the automotive, packaging, textile and food industries.

Automation Power Supplies


Developed for more advanced applications, Branson’s DCX F offers enhanced weld-parameter settings to achieve consistent weld quality through continuous system monitoring and closed-loop process control. It can communicate with a PLC to configure the weld mode and parameters and read back weld results in real time. 


The DCX F power supply with EtherNet/IP offers a web-based interface that allows setup and real-time diagnostics of the EtherNet/IP link between the DCX F and a PLC. It allows complex automated systems requiring multiple devices to be wired in a single network using common Ethernet devices. EtherNet/IP enables a programmable automation controller to monitor the status of an entire system and communicate real-time parameter changes to individual devices.


Control weld time and energy, and get feedback on energy usage, frequency and alarm reporting. With the DCX A, you can access all relevant weld results for evaluation and documentation at the end of a cycle. Five different weld modes meet the needs of a variety of applications, with options including time, energy, peak power, ground detect or continuous ultrasonic welding. 


The DCX S includes a webpage configuration plus a front-panel digital interface for amplitude settings and other ultrasonic functions. The front-panel interface also provides diagnostics information and a real-time power-level display.


This base-level DCX is intended for automation systems where a front panel setup and diagnostics are not required. The DCX V includes a web page and an Ethernet RJ45 port for custom configuration.


Branson has a complete line of converter products for automation and systems builders designed to cover a wide range of applications. Paired with the DCX or 2000X power supply, they create a robust and high-performing ultrasonic welding system.


Custom Tooling You Can Count On

We don’t just make tooling; we know how to optimize it for fast, efficient performance. Let our custom tooling experts help you configure and maximize your systems. 

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