Specialized Systems

Branson systems can customize ultrasonic welding technology for a broad range of applications, from tubing to textiles.


Improved Productivity for a Variety of Applications

Boost your output and productivity with specialized systems from Branson. Working with a variety of applications, such as textile processing, vertical form fill sealing and tube sealers, they allow you to progress from manually operated welders to higher-volume welding. Branson can custom configure these systems for your needs, incorporating other stations and systems or combinations of multiple welders like ultrasonic and spin welders.

Specialized Systems

Rotary Indexers

Series 40 rotary ultrasonic welding systems are compatible with Branson ultrasonic or spin welders, power supplies and actuators. Series 40 systems may be custom configured for applications including auto pick and place, auto part positioning and/or clamping, air eject or air eject as required. Systems can include multiple welders, with combinations of ultrasonics and spin, or other stations such as leak testers, pad printers and heat staking.

Plastic Tube Sealers

Branson ST-40 and ST-30 plastic tube sealers use ultrasonic energy to hermetically seal open ends of filled plastic tubes. These applications provide vital sealing technology to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Vertical Form & Fill System

The Ultrasonic-sealing Vertical Form Fill System (VFFS) offers multiple advantages over heat-sealing systems. By applying ultrasonic energy, the VFFS effectively seals through all product containments, providing a consistent, reliable solution for a wide range of product packaging applications. It seals through contaminants, eliminates waste and enhances performance and throughput. Ask your machine builders to integrate Branson ultrasonic welding into their VFF systems.

Textile Processing Systems

The versatility and consumables-free application of ultrasonic technology can make textile processing easier, more economical and cleaner. Ultrasonic fabric sealing systems “sew” and/or slit knitted, woven and nonwoven thermoplastic materials without needle or thread. Ultrasonic slitting prevents unraveling of materials by producing a smooth, clean, and durable edge without fabric discoloration. Ask your machine builders to integrate Branson ultrasonic welding into their textile processing systems.


Custom Tooling You Can Count On

We don’t just make tooling; we know how to optimize it for fast, efficient performance. Let our custom tooling experts help you configure and maximize your systems.

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