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Consulting Services - Lifecycle Strategy

Best-in-class system reliability, enabling you to achieve your business goals, starts with the right lifecycle strategy.

Achieve your business goals with the right lifecycle strategy

Creating and sustaining the right lifecycle strategy that ensures you spend most of your effort and budget on proactive and predictive efforts will allow you to unlock the full value of your systems. Furthermore, benchmarking against your goals and best practices can help you understand existing gaps. Emerson consultants leverage a structured outcome based workshop to guide you through the process of selecting the right lifecycle strategy to align with achieving your business goals.

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News Release

Emerson further strengthens protection of critical infrastructure with integrated Intel Security...

Strategic offering with McAfee solutions enhances control system protection
Nov 3, 2015
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Benefits of Calculating ROI to Measure a Facility’s Performance Objectives

For automation, return on investment (ROI) is more important than total cost of ownership (TCO). When making a capital investment in automation...
Oct 7, 2016
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Focus on Automation System Updates

Keeping software updates current is an oft-neglected activity, resulting in exposure to cyber attacks and reduced reliability.
Jun 1, 2017
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