Interactive Plant Environment – Rosemount Instrumentation

Interactive Plant Environment – Rosemount Instrumentation

Elevate and enhance learning retention with the Interactive Plant Environment training.

Interactive Plant Environment Training

The Interactive Plant Environment provides a totally immersive, real-world, quality experiential training which builds skills quickly. You and your colleagues can work with Emerson solutions without the distractions of an actual plant, safely. Where You get hands-on mentoring from Emerson experts and get to apply/explore solutions without risk of failure.

About the Interactive Plant Environment

Our plants have a oil and water batch process. Part of that process includes providing a magnitude of measurement points allowing you to evaluate multiple technologies and performance characteristics within our plants. We’ve designed this process to allow you to see beyond the tank walls and better understand our solutions.

Before working in the Interactive Plant Environment, our instructors review the fundamentals of technological theory in the classroom training area. Upon completion, students are given work orders, just as work would issue them in their facilities

We encourage students to work through scenarios that closely represent their facilities and daily duties, all while being in a safe learning environment. They can physically work with products throughout the Interactive Plant Environment

Safety is a core value to Emerson. As part of all our courses, we ensure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn and proper safety permitting is followed as well. This includes lockout, tagout, and line break permits. At the beginning of each course, a job safety analysis is conducted reinforcing our commitment to safety.

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