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Training Methods Provided by Educational Services

Improve your workforce with a full range of training options from Emerson’s Educational Services. Train your team to adapt to new technologies & products.


Virtual Classroom

Emerson’s Virtual Classroom delivers real-time value-based Instructor-Led Training to customers’ desktops with full access to software systems. Students connect directly to classroom based machines for the entire class! There is no travel required which means fewer expenses for our customers. Class takes place in a live online training room using a teleconference bridge.

Onsight Training

Emerson Training Center

Emerson training centers are strategically located around the world and offer the latest technology when travel is an option. You also get the benefit of visiting an Emerson office where you can often get other questions answered and meet Emerson experts. Traditional classroom-based training is just one of many modes in which you can learn with Emerson.



e-Learning is self-paced and can be a great way to get the basics at a very reasonable cost. We have invested heavily to insure the latest software and learning techniques are emphasized. Our library of offerings in this area is continually growing.


Onsite, Local Training

Through our onsite training services, we provide customers a Certified Instructor, courseware literature, and all hardware associated with supporting hands-on workshops. In North America, we deliver onsite training courses sponsored through our Local Business Partners’ Education Program Education Program. This allows our customers the opportunity to access our Training Courses through their local business partner.


Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a contemporary approach to training that “blends” different teaching methods and deploys them via digital and online media to maximize the effectiveness and convenience of learning. Blended Learning is Emerson’s unique approach to delivering quality education while reducing learner time away from the facility.

Ed Services Interactive Plant Environment

Interactive Plant Learning

Our process environment accurately depicts challenging workplace conditions and applications. Not only does it provide the opportunity to work across the spectrum of process measurement products, it replicates situations your personnel will encounter on the job—down to the details. Throughout each course, your personnel will wear industry-standard safety equipment. They will learn proper equipment management, and perform adjustments in tight plant situations. Safety protocols are inherently part of the training.

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