DCMlink Software for Emerson Electric Actuators

Very relevant to the process industry as an excellent productivity tool for plant asset management operators. 

Diagnose, Configure and Monitor Emerson Electric Actuators Remotely

DCMlink collects data from electric actuators, providing wireless connectivity to enterprise or plant level systems, interpreting data and providing actionable insights to operators. It is the command and control software for all Emerson electric actuators. 

Improves productivity by unifying all electric actuators on a common platform while allowing plant operators to gain deep insights into asset status and performance in real time, DCMlink enables users to diagnose, configure, calibrate, and monitor all electric actuators from a central location independent of communication protocol, actuator or host system. 

The software extends the useful life of field assets by providing actuator data like condition monitoring, events log and actuator alarms in a unified and consistent user interface.



Electric Actuation in Harsh Wastewater Municipal Applications

Municipalities have plenty of challenges.  What they most need are electric actuators that can work with little to no maintenance in harsh conditions.  EIM actuators are still in service after 40 years!

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