Valve Operating System

Turnkey valve operating package with actuator and fully integrated controls providing a one-stop-shop experience.

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An Integrated Turnkey Valve Automation Package

Engineering a valve automation system that will provide reliable execution under extreme conditions in the most remote locations is no simple task.  Today, automating valves requires a lengthy and costly engineering and procurement process to determine, acquire, test and finally commission the best valve control assemblies for the operation.

Emerson recognized the need for a better process.  This is why we created the Bettis Valve Operating System (VOS).

What is a Valve Operating System (VOS)?

What is VOS?

We know it’s just easier to do business with one supplier.  This is why Emerson created the Bettis Valve Operating System (VOS).

The Bettis VOS is a turnkey solution that includes an actuator, air filter regulators, relief valves, solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners, as well as the piping and engineering.  It includes all related documentation from installation manuals, quick service guides, drawings to warranty certificate and maintenance schedules.  Everything the end-user needs to maintain and operate their actuation package.

From strategic Emerson World Area Configuration Centers around the globe, our engineers and service personnel will engineer, assemble and test, and deliver your VOS system.   Scalable in price, specifications, features, and functionality, our assemblies can be adjusted to meet any unique set of needs.

Benefits of VOS

The New Standard in Valve Automation – A Turnkey Bettis VOS:

  • Deal with a proven market leader - one phone number and one contact 
  • Dealing with one supplier reduces decision process, saves time and money
  • Easier ordering, faster configuration, procurement, and deployment
  • Reduces costs for additional third party consultants, bidding and testing
  • Faster installation and commissioning
  • Centralized documentation for VOS components
  • Streamlines rollout of new features and training
  • Eases maintenance and parts issues
  • Optimizes customer service level


The Bettis VOS is only available from Emerson as a complete system, fully configured, engineered, tested, documented, guaranteed, and ready for use.

Wireless capability

Combined with Emerson’s leading brands are proven integrated wireless solutions. Automated control with maximum reliability and function can be achieved by utilizing our wireless controllers. Our wireless solutions have the advantage of being cable-free (which reduces cost) and useful in applications where accessibility and safety is an issue, including critical applications. Emerson’s wireless solutions portfolio focus on industry-leading reliability and has now clocked more than one billion total operating hours across 10,000 systems and are available as part of our VOS solution.

Media & Case Studies

Valve Operating System (VOS) is a complete system used to control and drive the valve open and shut function

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