Engineer with Fisher valves in test lab

Butterfly Valves

Maintain safe and efficient production across a wide spectrum of service conditions. 

A Complete Butterfly Valve Line to Provide Optimal Performance

Emerson offers a complete range of butterfly valves from general purpose to severe service models used for isolation and throttling applications. This includes resilient seated valves for long service life and bubble tight shutoff; high performance valves capable of temperatures from cryogenic to 1500°F (815°C) and pressures to ASME CL1500 (PN 260); double flanged valves in sizes up to NPS 120 (DN 3000) and lined valves suitable for highly corrosive liquids, gases and slurries.



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Emerson Introduces Wireless Toxic Gas Monitor to Protect Personnel at Challenging Remote Locations

Rosemount 928 Wireless Gas Monitor extends toxic gas coverage to costly, difficult-to-access applications
Sep 21, 2017
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U.S. Refineries Can Now Meet 40 CFR Part 63 Requirements with Emerson’s Gas Chromatograph Solutions

Rosemount 1500XA gas chromatograph offers cost-effective flexibility in measuring, calculating, and recording individual component concentrations...
Sep 20, 2017
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Emerson's Syncade™ operations management software selected by Bristol-Myers Squibb for new...

PlantWeb architecture with Smart Operations Management suite chosen to optimize performance of Large Scale Cell Culture facility in Devens...
Feb 4, 2009
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