Learning & Development

Our training programs focus on end-to-end development from onboarding through senior leadership. We provide a wide range of development opportunities, including face-to-face and virtual training, mentorship and coaching, and on-the-job training.  We regularly hold training workshops focusing on topics such as leadership and professional skills.

Beyond the programs you’d expect to see from a company our size, employee development is embedded in our company culture. As a global business, spanning multiple countries, cultures and industries, we invest in our employees to ensure they have the marketplace knowledge, skills and competencies to compete and lead in a global economy.

Development and learning is a lifelong activity – it never stops - so the idea of “The New Finish Line” means that employees continue to grow and learn in their roles on an ongoing basis. Our development process includes work experience, relationships and feedback, and focused training. Approaching training in phases rather than singular events allows employees to follow a path of ongoing development.

Leadership Development

Our world-class leadership development program ensures our employees are prepared to drive global initiatives. We have Corporate Learning Centers around the world to help facilitate leader training programs. We continually find high-quality managers who master and apply our approaches, molding them to the work environment while staying true to the core philosophies and values.

Additionally, we emphasize managing businesses and operations throughout the world with individuals native to the locale and familiar with the culture, which adds to our process' effectiveness. At Emerson, we are committed to the ongoing development of our employees because we know that it’s critical to the success of our company as a truly global entity. 

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