Daniel 3416 4+2 Dual-Configuration Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Daniel 3416 4+2 Dual-Configuration Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Immediately pinpoint the cause of minor flow disturbances with the Daniel™ 3416 4+2 Ultrasonic Flow Meter that delivers the power and performance of a field-proven Daniel four-path, British Gas-design chordal meter (certified to OIML R137 1&:2 Accuracy Class 0.5) and a two-path, reflective check meter in one body. A highly sensitive, vertical 90° path quickly detects trace amounts of liquid and other debris at the bottom of the pipe that can significantly increase lost and unaccounted for (LAUF) gas. A wealth of predictive diagnostics are generated by ultra-fast 3410 Series Electronics and are displayed via MeterLink™ Software to help detect costly process upsets in real time.


Line Sizes
DN200 to DN600 (8-in to 24-in)
Fluid Type
  • 4-Path Meter: ±0.05% of reading relative over entire calibration range
  • 2-Path Meter: ±0.2% of reading with calibration (±1.5% of actual vol without calibration)
  • 4-Path Meter: ± 0.05% of reading for 5 to 100 ft/s (1.5 to 30.5 m/s)
  • 2-Path Meter: ± 0.1% of reading for 5 to 100 ft/s (1.5 to 30.5 m/s)
Rated up to 100 fps (30 m/s) with over-range performance exceeding 125 fps (38 m/s) on some sizes
Operating Temperature Range
  • T-21 Transducers: -20°C to +100°C (-4°F to +212°F)
  • T-22 Transducers: -50°C to +100°C (-58°F to +212°F)
Operating Pressure Range
  • T-21/T-22 Transducers: 689 to 27,579 kPag (100 to 4,000 psig)
  • T-21/T-22 Transducers: 345 kPag (50 psig) minimum operating pressure available with reduced Qmax (see product datasheet)
Carbon steel and stainless steel


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  • Detect even trace liquid/debris along the pipe bottom in real time with highly sensitive, vertical diagnostic path
  • Expedite flow disturbance detection with patented transducer synchronization that prevents interference and noise
  • Avoid common mode errors with chordal and reflective paths that work in unison
  • Reduce measurement uncertainty with process alerts for wall buildup, liquids, blockage and deviating gas quality
  • Speed issue resolution with 3D view of the flow profile that indicates swirl, crossflow, asymmetry and turbulence
  • Reduce manual errors with automatic calculations of AGA 8 Compressibility and AGA 10 Speed of Sound
  • Increase I/O with new Type 4 CPU Module with up to six frequency or digital outputs

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