Daniel 788 Digital Liquid Control Valve


Daniel 788 Digital Liquid Control Valve


Preferred worldwide for loading and off-loading of liquid petroleum products, the Daniel™ 788 Digital Control Valve tightly controls the flow rate and provides batching capabilities when installed with an electronic batch control device or preset. The high-capacity valve offers smooth linear action for maximum flow and minimum pressure drop with the preset automatically controlling low-flow start-up, high-flow rate control, low-flow shutdown and final shutoff. The valve has no diaphragms or stuffing boxes and the seat and seat ring can be removed as a cartridge assembly to simplify maintenance. An aggressive-products option is available for alcohols, MTBE, TAME, reformulated fuels and other challenging additives or oxygenates.

Service Details

Effective planning and execution of maintenance and product lifecycle strategies is essential to meeting production and metering targets, and keeping costs low. The right mix of maintenance activities will help you operate safely, consistently and economically, while improving your asset reliability and further preserving your investment.

Emerson’s service support agreements include:

  • Expert technical support
  • Extended warranty
  • Parts management
  • Software update delivery
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Hours bank
  • Site teams
  • Remote monitoring
  • Customized service packages to fit your business needs

Avoid damage due to shock pressure with adjustable control of closing speed

Reduce pressure drop and maintenance compared to axial flow valves with high-capacity, 45° piston operation

Control pressure from 60 to 9928 kPa (10 to 1440 psi) within ±13.8 kPa (±2 psi) of setpoint

Improve reliability with positive O-ring seal and valve seats not affected by fluid viscosity and pressure drop

Protect equipment and personnel with positive shutoff (ANSI Class VI) and fail-safe closure upon power loss

Maximize uptime with all internal parts housed in a cartridge assembly; no need to remove the valve from the line

Minimize wear-related maintenance with a simple design featuring no diaphragms or stuffing boxes