Daniel MeterLink Diagnostics Software


Daniel MeterLink Diagnostics Software


Unique to Daniel™ Ultrasonic Flow Meters, the MeterLink™ operating system displays a wealth of advanced diagnostics in real time to help operators quickly troubleshoot meter performance or pinpoint the cause of a flow disturbance. This feature-rich software improves uptime by providing easy access to expert flow analysis and alerts operators of abnormal flow profiles. The system's unparalleled combination of advanced diagnostics and early alarm capabilities ensure operators can immediately troubleshoot and resolve meter issues before failure occurs.


Software Requirements
Microsoft ® Windows ® Vista ®, 7, 8.1 and 10 as well as Office ® 2003 to 2016
Hardware Requirements
  • 133MHz Pentium processor minimum
  • 512 MB RAM; 100 MB of free hard disk space
  • 1 serial port and 1 Ethernet port
  • Super VGA monitor (1024x768 resolution minimum)
Backward compatible with all Daniel gas and liquid ultrasonic flow
Serial Communications
Requires RS-232, RS-485 full duplex or Ethernet (recommended)


  • Deploy your subsea instrumentation with confidence. FIRST-FLOWTM Delivery Assurance leverages the expertise and knowledge of our engineers, the EPC, and your team to ensure 100% functionality of subsea equipment at start-up.

    Achieving first oil and first-flow can be challenging. FIRST-FLOW Delivery Assurance speeds and simplifies the process. From pre-commissioning that verifies all instruments are fully functional and calibrated to system integration, testing and commissioning, FIRST-FLOW Delivery Assurance ensures trouble free start-up, with a focus on dynamic performance and redundancy.

    Following each transport leg and storage period, a visual inspection of the instrument takes place that includes a check on shock indicators, followed by verification of the meter’s functionality. Furthermore, welding of the instrumentation and the insulation process is supervised by Emerson personnel. A full instrument functionality test is completed both prior to and after the instrument is welded into the system.

    With FIRST-FLOW Delivery Assurance, you:

    • Achieve maximum value from your investment
    • Reduce risk of start-up delay
    • Increase reliability and operational efficiency
    • More quickly achieve first-flow, production and revenue
  • Identify debris and blockages system-wide before measurement is impacted with dynamic flow based diagnostics
  • Minimize flow measurement uncertainty by determining the root cause of the diagnostic parameter indication
  • Directly compare measured and calculated SOS to avoid temperature or gas composition issues
  • Minimize maintenance with condition based diagnostics that ensure inspections are scheduled only as required
  • Expand actionable data with optional Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA) feature that provides more in-depth diagnostics
  • Avoid process upsets with the optional Baseline Viewer that delivers predictive alerts based on deviations from baseline
  • Expedite meter configuration and startup

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