Patch Management Service for DeltaV™ Systems


Patch Management Service for DeltaV™ Systems


The Emerson Patch Management Service is a combination of people, technology and security best practices designed to ensure the availability of DeltaV distributed control systems (DCS), maintain business continuity, and reduce your system administrative activities.

Service Details

Every month there are new Microsoft® Windows® OS security updates, McAfee® Endpoint Security for DeltaV Systems anti-virus updates, Symantec™ Endpoint Protection anti-virus updates and DeltaV™ DCS hotfixes that need to be acted upon.

Experience has shown many disruptive system events could have been prevented if the relevant update had been applied immediately. But with competing priorities, it is common for the most critical security updates to go uninstalled for extended periods of time. Emerson’s Patch Management Service establishes a proactive strategy for anti-virus signature screens, Microsoft OS security patching, and DeltaV hotfixes.

Emerson offers two Patch Management Service options:

The Local Patch Management Service is a manually-delivered, onsite service that includes all aspects of installing and commissioning the required patches.

The Automated Patch Management Service automates software update deployment for timely implementation.

Establish a proactive patch management strategy: Our Patch Management Service delivers the routine aspects of software-update deployment, freeing staff to devote more time to other priorities.

Ensure the availability and business continuity of your DeltaV System: Emerson tests and approves Microsoft Windows OS security updates monthly while anti-virus signature files are automatically approved.