Ovation™ OCC100 Controller


Ovation™ OCC100 Controller


Combining the form factor and ruggedness of a PLC with the power and ease-of-integration of the Ovation control system, the OCC100 controller is a reliable automation platform scalable for any power generation or water/wastewater application that needs control to be located near the equipment.


Operating Temperature
-20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F)
7.91 inches (w) x 8.50 inches (h) x 7.47 inches (d)


  • Secure, reliable and mission-critical control capability for remotely located plants or processes
  • Modular I/O base design for flexible placement within space-constrained areas
  • Optional configuration as a stand-alone system using an Ovation remote station
  • Low power requirements and fanless operation
  • Expanded operating temperature range
  • Uses standard Ovation engineering tools for configuration and maintenance
  • Redundant and non-redundant configurations

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An extension of Emerson’s proven Ovation™ automation platform, the OCC100 controller provides secure, reliable and direct control close to field devices or plant equipment for small-scale or widely distributed applications. It’s particularly well-suited to renewable energy and microgrid applications, as well as small water/wastewater facilities.

Tom Snowdon demonstrates how the OCC100 helps customers solve challenges like remote lake or well water pumps or other applications that traditionally might have been controlled by PLCs.