Electrical Tools

RIDGID® Electrical Tools blend innovation with efficiency to make quick work of cutting wire, crimping lugs and knockout punching boxes.


The World’s Most Versatile Electrical Crimping Platform

3 Functions. 1 Tool. Multiple benefits.  Now there’s a more efficient way to cut, crimp, and punch on the jobsite. The new line of RIDGID® electrical tools features the one-of-a-kind RIDGID QuickChange System™, with interchangeable heads that offer contractors unprecedented versatility and speed.

The RE 6 is engineered to provide 60 kN of force output, allowing you to crimp lugs up to 300 mm2 and cutting cables up to 50 mm O.D. in a lightweight package. Automatic ram retraction assures you a proper crimp every time and onboard diagnostics monitor tool performance for consistent quality and long service life.


Innovative 3-in-1 QuickChange System™

Cut wire, crimp lugs and punch boxes with just one tool. With an efficient 5 second cycle time and QuickChange heads, the RIDGID RE 6 makes you more productive and always prepared for the challenges of the job site. No more trips back to the truck or tool box searching for different tools to complete the job.

With a one hand, in-line design and 360 (put the degree sign) head rotation the RE 6 provides increased maneuverability in an easy to use package. Switching between functions is simple and quick. All this performance is backed by the industry-leading service interval to provide you with maximum uptime on the job site.


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RE 6 Electrical Tool – 3 Jobs, 1 Tool

RE 6 Electrical Tool Punching Capabilities

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