Project Management

Project Management

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Our Commitment

Want to get the most out of your projects?

We understand the importance of fully aligning projects with your business and strategic goals. We make projects simple from design to implementation. Our multidisciplinary team consists of researchers, designers and engineers. Expertise gained through industry success helps to gain immediate traction and make steady progress toward your project goals.

Our Project Process

Alignment between the project management process and the project lifecycle is driven by project work, deliverables, and milestones. Although project lifecycle phases appear to be sequential, involving the exchange and approval of deliverables, the project process can be repetitious to ensure thorough completion of a project.


Scope Definition:                                                               

• Maintain consistency of scope across the initiative

• Develop and maintain scope documentation

• Location level-set management

• Develop and maintain training program

World Class Communication:

• One point of contact

• Regular status notifications delivered to you

• Monthly or weekly meetings

Financial Simplicity and Tracking:

• Accept one PO per fiscal year for project rollout

• Manage activity against PO limits

• Invoice taxes by individual municipality

Materials Management:

• Products & materials forecasted & distributed

• Manage return (and replace) process

• Two-year hardware warranty

Resource Management:

• 160+ combined years of project management experience

• Project volumes annually exceeding $20M in revenue

• Over 20 contractors to cover national installations

• Consistent delivery across all crews 

Quality Assurance:

• Experienced national contractor network

• Emerson in-field spot audits to confirm performance

• Start-up verification• Exit report management and delivery for every store

• Extended one-year installation labor warranty

Technical Support:

• On-demand installation assistance

• Single point of contact for warranty management

• Deficiency resolution management

• Programming expertise around product simulator

Project Close-Out Criteria:

• Verify all installation success requirements met

• Invoicing complete for materials and labor

• Deficiencies acknowledged and answered

• Service and facility personnel trained

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