Transforming food waste from environmental challenge to renewable energy source.

Supermarket Produce

Food Retail

As the focus on freshness continues to evolve, grocery retailers are expanding their fresh food offerings to meet the expectations of today’s consumer. Grind2Energy can help food retailers, including grocery stores, bakeries, butchers, and supermarkets, dispose of food scraps more efficiently while improving sanitation, decreasing landfill contributions and helping to generate clean, renewable energy. 

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Anaerobic Digesters & Wastewater Treatment Plants

The Grind2Energy food waste recycling system is a valuable co-digestion resource in accelerating the transformation of wastewater treatment plants into utilities of the future. Because Grind2Energy food waste slurry is virtually contaminant-free and readily biodegradable, capable water resource recovery facilities are able to create more biogas to produce onsite energy. They are also able to offset operational expenses by reducing their dependence on purchased electricity. 

Partnering with Grind2Energy, plants can help districts comply with landfill bans, and further exhibit environmental stewardship by promoting green technology in the community.

EPA Hierarchy (1)

EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy

Each tier of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Hierarchy focuses on different management strategies for your wasted food. The hierarchy prioritizes actions to prevent and divert food waste based on positive benefits for the environment, society, and the economy. 

Grind2Energy is the perfect sustainable solution for efficiently managing industrial food waste. This innovative solution creates tremendous value by recovering important resources such as clean water, energy and fertilizer. 

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