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Sustainable food waste solutions for grocery stores and supermarkets.

Food Retailers & Grind2Energy

With proud partners like Whole Foods Markets, Sendik’s Food Market, Northgate González Markets, and others, Grind2Energy is helping food retailers manage food waste efficiently. 

Discover how the food retail industry presents a tremendous opportunity for reducing food waste and creating renewable energy. 

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A Green Solution for Grocers

Grocery stores, supermarkets, and other food retailers must continue to responsibly manage the volume of food waste generated, increase the amount of nutritious food donated to those in need, and divert unavoidable food waste from landfills. Although composting and animal feed are viable solutions, converting food waste into clean water and renewable energy appears to be a more long-term, sustainable practice.

Grind2Energy can help improve your store’s sanitation, reduce hauling costs, decrease landfill contributions, and improve operational efficiency all while creating clean, renewable energy. Contact Grind2Energy for a free consultation.

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