Supermarket Waste Becomes Energy

Improved environmental stewardship, better use of waste resources fuels the Redner's Grind-to-Energy program to product methane fuel

Supermarkets and food retailers present a tremendous opportunity for drastically reducing food waste contribution to landfills. Grind2Energy can help grocery supermarkets become more by recycling food scraps into clean, renewable energy.  Grind2Energy can not only help food retailers operate more efficiently, but also decrease the carbon footprint left on the environment. In the Reading Eagle article “Supermarket waste becomes energy,” author Lisa Schneid discusses the positive impact Grind2Energy has produced with Redner’s Warehouse Markets of Maidencreek Township, PA.

The revolutionary Grind2Energy system enables the Render’s stores to divert tons of food waste from landfills each week. As a result, Redner’s Warehouse Markets have realized not only the environmental importance but the cost savings associated with disposing of less waste. As an added convenience, Grind2Energy handles the entire process from installation and maintenance to pump-outs for treatment plants. Partner with Grind2Energy today and discover the positive business and environment impact your facility can create.

Schneid, Lisa. "Supermarket waste becomes energy” Reading Eagle, 17 April 2016. www.readingeagle.com/money/article/supermarket-waste-becomes-energy.

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