A Cleaner, Easier and More Sustainable Solution for Unavoidable Commercial Food Waste.

The Grind2Energy food waste recycling system decreases contributions to landfills while generating clean, renewable energy. The system helps keep food waste-generating facilities cleaner and more efficient, making it the ideal solution for hotels, hospitals, stadiums, casinos, colleges and universities, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Waste Diversion Goals and Bans are Increasing.

State and local governments are setting aggressive waste diversion goals and implementing landfill waste diversion bans. According to Waste Business Journal, hauling fees have risen by 7.1% every year due to increased regulations, as well as rising fuel costs.

Sustainability is Increasingly Important to Business Success.

As regulations continue to tighten and public awareness drives business towards cleaner energy, environmental responsibility has become increasingly important to commerce. In fact, over 93% of CEOs say that sustainability is critical to their company’s future success.

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