A renewable energy source in Europe

In March 2007 the EU leaders endorsed an integrated approach to climate and energy policy that aims to combat climate change and increase the EU’s energy security while strengthening its competitiveness. They committed Europe to transforming itself into a highly energy-efficient, low carbon economy.

The European targets for 2020 are:

  • A reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions of at least 20% below 1990 levels
  • 20% of EU energy consumption to come from renewable resources
  • A 20% reduction in primary energy use compared with projected levels, to be achieved by improving energy efficiency.


Powering high efficiency air conditioning systems in China

Normal heat pump air conditioners work with poor heating capacity and low efficiency in low ambient temperatures, thus electric heating is required. However, electric heating is typically characterized by low efficiency, high power consumption and lack of security.

Emerson’s Copeland Scroll™ compressor has strong advantages against electric heating. Air conditioners with scroll heating compressors have relatively high EER in low ambient temperature. Normally, a 3 HP air conditioner EER can reach 2.5w/w+ under ambient temperature of -10°C, that is 2.5 KW/h plus heating capacity that only consumes 1KW/h electric power. It also has lower power consumption and is safer than traditional electric heating.


Heat pump innovations in China

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