A higher level of comfort, guaranteed

Never before have designer products been more in demand. From specialty coffees and bottled waters to customized lighting and designer clothing, the difference is in the details. And what detail is more important than the quality and comfort of the air in which they live and work? Designer Air is a new way to upsell customers to higher-efficiency systems that deliver the highest level of comfort to private residences and businesses.


Live life worry-free

We specialize in Monitoring homes, properties, business or any environment that maintains temperature, humidity, water leak potential and power outages to alert you if any or all go out. With our products you can have “Peace of Mind." Did you know water leaks are the second highest insurance claim? With our products, you can go about your daily life and not worry about the hidden issues that lurk behind a leak or a power outage, because our systems will alert you immediately based on your set parameters. Our options are affordable and versatile to accommodate most needs. 


EK Liquid Line Universal Filter Drier

The industry's best in class, premium compacted bead filter drier that has a desiccant blend optimized for high water and acid capacity. Find out why we're the best in the industry.

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