Took the world by storm 30 years ago with the invention of the lightweight backpack vacuum which cleans better and faster.

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Game Changing Innovation for the Cleaning Industry

Originally based out of a garage, ProTeam was the original innovator of the lightweight backpack vacuum, an invention that soon became a global phenomenon in commercial cleaning. Scientific studies and maintenance crews consistently find ProTeam vacuums improve worker productivity, effectiveness, and ergonomic comfort.

Today, ProTeam offers a full range of innovative vacuums designed to tackle every cleaning situation, including backpacks, canisters, uprights, wet/drys and cordless.


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Team Cleaning - Advanced Cleaning System

Team Cleaning is a flexible, efficient and cost-effective cleaning system for custodial operations. It offers solutions to the many challenges that manager’s face through better deployment of labor, effective cleaning methods, improved appearance levels and simplified training programs.

There are multiple advantages to Team Cleaning, but the key advantages include reduced training time, improved employee morale, reduced energy use, and supporting the ability to effectively oversee quality.

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