30 Years of Efficiency and Reliability

1/8–5 HP Copeland™ hermetic compressors provide cost-effective refrigeration system solutions. Versatility and a wide spectrum of operating ranges make these compressors an optimal selection for every refrigeration need. Hundreds of models are available for applications including walk-in coolers and freezers, ice machines, soft serve machines, and beverage dispensers. And every compressor is backed by Copeland’s international reputation for quality and reliability.

Image of C010-Compressors-Hermetic-Schematic

Copeland Hermetic Refrigeration Compressor

The breadth of the hermetic line means system design engineers can match the right compressor to the job requirement for optimum energy efficiency. Copeland compressors are available to support worldwide equipment needs, with many choices of refrigerants and electrical variations.

A Compressor Designed for Every Application

Copeland Hermetic compressors have a compact design that is perfect for space constrained systems. These models are optimized for very low temperature and high duty cycles, as well as approved for use with R-22, R-404A/507, and R-134A refrigerants for virtually any application.

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