The case for moving condensing units outdoors

Each refrigeration system has its rightful place in the foodservice industry, depending on the specific application and the facility’s unique operating criteria. Recent advances in OCU technology have strengthened the case for choosing outdoor condensing units over self-contained or rack systems.

Crafted for optimal installation flexibility

With its slim profile, lightweight design and wall-mount option, the X-Line gives operators the flexibility to install the unit in the most space-constrained locations. This lowers installation costs and helps avoid expensive system design workarounds or relocation issues.


X-Line: Energy Efficient. Reliable. Quiet.

The Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Refrigeration Unit X-Line is designed for medium- and low-temperature, walk-in coolers, freezers and display cases commonly found in c-stores and restaurants. With its best-in-class energy efficiencies, slim profile, ultra-low sound levels, superior diagnostics and built-in protection, the X-Line delivers reliable commercial refrigeration while solving many of today’s small-format retailer challenges.

Product Documents

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