The next E360 Forum will be held on October 5th, in Chicago!

We’re excited to bring our next E360 Forum to the hub of the Midwest, Chicago, Ill. This is your chance to join the ongoing industry dialogue as we evaluate trends and tackle the biggest challenges in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.


Taking a Look at the Most Pressing Issues Facing the Industry

We’re in a unique position to provide the expertise and resources to help balance ALL aspects of refrigeration system design and operation including:

Energy Efficiency
We can help you continually reduce refrigeration-related energy consumption
Environmental Protection
We are actively leading industry discussions on refrigeration-related environmental issues
Reliability and Safety Concerns
We monitor the operating, safety and food quality issues that affect you
Economic Considerations
We help you evaluate the economic viability of refrigeration system alternatives

Image of screencap-John Rhodes

The Refrigeration Industry Faces Many Changes

A 360-Degree View of the Issues Impacting the Industry

We work with the industry to evaluate every angle that impacts refrigeration system design in supermarkets, foodservice outlets and convenience stores, including:

Ever-changing regulations

Evolving refrigerant technologies

Environmental and energy standards

Operating cost pressures

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