A Revolution in the Commercial Refrigeration Service Paradigm

The days of nuisance service calls and surprise system failures are quickly becoming a thing of the past. CoreSense technology is built in to our Copeland Scroll™ and Copeland Discus™ compressor lines, continually performing diagnostics and taking protective actions when needed. Alarms alert technicians of system faults, often allowing them to assess system conditions without an on-site visit — and address small issues before they become larger problems.

CoreSense — Technology That Delivers Reliability

In the event of a fault condition that could result in compressor damage, CoreSense shuts down  the compressor until a contractor can address the situation. Equipped with the system-generated fault alarm codes, the contractor can quickly troubleshoot the root cause and begin repairs.


Take the guesswork out of diagnosis and protect your valuable asset.

CoreSense technology unlocks advanced diagnostics, protection and communication in Copeland™ compressors. With in-depth system information, technicians can make faster, more accurate decisions resulting in improved compressor performance and reliability. This means contractors and businesses alike can save valuable time and money.

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