Replace a Compressor

Emerson’s Aftermarket is committed to ensuring our Copeland™ brand wholesalers and distributors have the support you need to grow your business by way of product information, industry knowledge and training for your staff.

Education & Training

Comprehensive training for essential service skills and up-to-date knowledge of Emerson’s products.

Service Engineers & Technical Support

Technical, engineering and design expert resources available to you.

Product Design & Testing

Our UL third party test lab, offers a full spectrum of engineering and testing services for OEMs. These solutions are tailor-made for your needs to speed up innovation and development, optimize your time, level your workload and reduce total cost.

E360: Industry Stewardship

E360 is a comprehensive look at the issues our customers face every day. Its purpose is to provide information that will help our customers look at refrigerated systems from every angle — a 360-degree view — considering every factor that impacts the decision-making process.


Supplying wholesalers and distributers with Emerson’s complete lineup of HVACR products and services.

Documents & Literature

From data sheets to CAD drawings, find the resources crucial to run your operations at their full potential.

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