PROD-WR-2.0 Install Faceplate Pro

Sensi for HVAC Pros

Designed with you in mind, featuring an easy-to-install experience to help you get the job done and on to the next one.


Explore the Enhanced Features and Upgraded Design.

Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat puts comfort control at your customer’s fingertips. At home or on the go, convenient features make it easy-to-use.

Smart Alerts

Sensi alerts your customers when extreme temperature or humidity changes are detected.

Automatic Upgrades

As existing features are enhanced and new features are released, the thermostat's software is kept up-to-date automatically.

Color Shift

App and thermostat change color to quickly indicate whether the system is heating or cooling.

Back Glow

Perfect for night time or low lighting.

Humidity Reading

Tracks humidity for total awareness of the home’s atmosphere.

Brightness Adjust

Large backlit display offers flexible lighting options.

Sensi Backplate

Making installation even easier

Easy Mounting
Built-in level for picture-perfect mounting

Increased Visibility
Terminal lights for increased visibility while wiring

Large, easy-to-read terminal labels on the back plate

Easy-click Terminals
Easy-click terminals, eliminating the need for a screwdriver

Covers Existing Footprint
Size that covers the existing footprint of most thermostats

Sensi aasy to use app

Get a feel for our easy-to-use app.

Highly-rated & free app Available for iOS and Android.

Geofencing Uses your customer's smartphone location to automatically adjust the temperature.

Remote access Set, change and program home comfort from anywhere. 

Flexible scheduling Program a schedule for each day of the week that fits your customer's lifestyle. 

Local weather Easy weather updates.

Color shift App changes color to let your customers know at a glance whether the system is heating or cooling.

Smart alerts Detects extreme temperature or humidity changes.

Auto changeover Automatically adjusts between heat and cool mode.

Sensi Geofencing

Sensi gets the temperature right, by knowing where your customers are.

Our advanced Geofencing feature uses the location of your customers smartphone to change temperature settings when they leave and before they return.

Flexible scheduling
Or your customer can use the Sensi app to program a schedule that fits their lifestyle for each day of the week.

PROD-WR-Sensi thermostat alerts

Sensi thermostat alerts keep customers in-the-know

To help detect critical conditions, Sensi thermostat alerts customers with an email so homeowners can immediately contact their Contractor-On-Call to fix the problem.

Humidity Alert
The High Humidity Alert indicates the humidity level is greater than 78%.    

Loss of Heating or Cooling Alerts
A Loss of Heating Alert indicates the temperature has dropped 5°F during a call for heating. The Loss of Cooling Alert is triggered when the temperature has risen 5°F during a call for cooling.

Low or High Home Temperature Alerts
The Low Home Temperature Alert is triggered when the temperature reads less than 45°F/7°C. The High Home Temperature Alert indicates conditions have exceeded 99°F/37°C.

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