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IIoT: Pervasive Sensing

Limited visibility to process and equipment conditions adds operational risk.

Gain Real-time Insight and Clarity With A Network of Predictive Intelligence.

Your automation systems and sensors provide real-time control, but important plant data is often not collected due to the high cost, disruptions and time required to add wired sensors and analyze the data. Pervasive sensing applications enabled by wireless sensors and networks address these issues, allowing you to quickly and cost-effectively gain new strategic data, delivering actionable information you can use to quickly improve your operations.

Pervasive Sensing Solutions

Overcome Process Challenges

Every day, process manufacturers are faced with the challenge to improve operations through safety, environmental, reliability and energy initiatives, while reducing downtime, maintenance costs, integrity issues, creeping energy waste, manual tasks and personnel injuries. However, trying to meet these demands with traditional methods can be time consuming and costly.


Pervasive Sensing strategies allow you to strategically visualize operations, empowering you to solve problems before they occur.


Process application solutions increase plant efficiency by reducing costs and increasing plant throughput. A common cause of poor efficiency is process variability—often small, undetected shifts in process variables that, when added up, take a toll on overall profitability. By implementing wireless solutions, your team can extend mobility and monitoring applications to gain more process insight that provide new efficiencies, reduce operator rounds and get data from hard-to-reach process points.


Reliability application solutions help your team avoid unplanned slowdowns or shutdowns caused by previously unmonitored or manually monitored equipment. These solutions detect conditions that can lead to equipment failure, and replace manual, periodic readings with online insight into equipment health, minimizing trips to the field. Besides increased process availability and improved asset reliability, you can decrease maintenance costs while mitigating safety and environmental risks.


HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) application solutions help predict and prevent abnormal situations, instead of simply reacting to them. Continuously monitoring equipment, helps reduce safety and security risks, and alerts you of  any issues that arise for immediate action. Protect personnel, the environment, and mechanical integrity of equipment as well as improve operational procedures and regulatory compliance.


Energy application solutions help your team identify inefficiencies and optimize facility performance. It’s estimated that half the energy consumed by process manufacturers is used for producing and managing steam. By wirelessly monitoring assets, you can significantly reduce energy consumption and improve overall operational efficiency.

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