Project Certainty: Eliminate Cost

Excess engineering, labor and materials are driving project costs over budget.

It’s time to engineer cost and surprises out of your projects.

Increasing pressures to reduce costs require a more holistic look at project execution. Project costs fall when teams combine design foresight, innovative technology, and state-of-the-art methods.

Project Certainty Approach

Plan for Cost Savings

Savings can be designed into the project starting early in the FEED stage and lasting through start-up. For example, standardization of specifications leads to better understanding and integration, while upfront work sets the stage for meeting project schedules and more.

Reduce Expenses via Innovation

Technologies available today lead to fewer installation tasks, fewer wires, and shorter work-hours. Project teams benefit from innovations such as smart junction boxes and wireless instrumentation.


Tools that can assist in reducing expenses:

>> Remotely mounted and wireless enabled junction boxes

>> Wireless instrumentation





Avoid Roadblocks

Use state-of-the-art methods to avoid costly roadblocks. Using methods that center on virtualization and integration, you avoid the expense of manual errors and avoidable missed connections.

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