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Application Expertise and Consulting

Ensures success by gathering resources to define, scope, and plan your project.

Gain Project Certainty through Expert Consulting

Gain innovative thought leadership, understanding of applied technologies, and multilayered experience to guide your project to success.

Emerson consultants apply a holistic approach from final control elements to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). User-centric objectives form the base of tailored user interfaces, including data management and process operations. Capturing the needs during the design phase minimizes late changes and accelerates adoption of the solution by personnel.

How To

Build in a Shared Environment

The Emerson consultants work with customer team members to determine specific tools, standards, and data management practices. This has a net effect of maximizing efficiency and visibility of relevant information to maintain stakeholder alignment. Our clients reap the benefit of coordinated efforts and consistency among licensors and EPC from the outset of a project.

Estimate Costs Accurately

Emerson’s early engagement model defines project-specific, value-add solutions that provide CAPEX savings when they are engineered into the project by design. Clear and early definition of CAPEX savings, design criteria, and scope of work produces an accurate estimate of investment costs and realistic benefits.

Ease Resource Requirements

We can provide expertise and training anywhere in the world, and we have the local knowledge to ensure its relevance. Flexible system architecture further reduces complexity of implementing changes and allows streamlined testing and commissioning.

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