Exp-Accomodate Change-Electronic Marshalling

Electronic Marshalling

Reduce headaches related to engineering and managing I/O automation subsystems with I/O on Demand.

Add I/O anywhere in the plant when and where you need it.

Traditionally, I/O hardware and software have been so tightly integrated during automation projects that even simple changes related to I/O automation subsystems cause major project delays.

With Electronic Marshalling add I/O anywhere in the plant when and where you need it. When project scope increases, your design team has the flexibility in their control strategy design and implementation to incorporate the new project scope without affecting the project schedule.

How To

Marshall I/O Anywhere

With Electronic Marshalling, each terminal block has a single channel CHARacterization Module (CHARM) that allows any signal type of field wiring to be terminated in any location. Field wires are terminated on terminal strips without the traditional cross-wiring from the marshalling panel to I/O cards. Each I/O channel is mapped to the appropriate controller automatically through the DeltaV system software.

Adapt to Change Easily

Electronic Marshalling uses CHARMs as I/O terminators that can be individually replaced without affecting other channels. Each CHARM acts as a fuse to prevent failures in other CHARMs.

Do Not Assign I/O … Yet

Electronic Marshalling offers flexibility that makes late I/O changes much easier to handle. There is no need to assign I/O early in the installation because any I/O can be assign to any controller. Adding a controller does not cause major re-engineering effort. And all HART I/O are automatically sensed and bound by the DeltaV distributed control system.

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