Automotive Interior Solutions

Industry-leading plastic welding solutions deliver inspired interior details for leading automotive manufacturers.

Welding the Industry’s Finest Automotive Interiors

Whether you need to reimagine a center console, rethink a heads-up display or meet tougher efficiency standards, we’ll elevate your expectations with smarter design approaches to interior assembly. With expertise in a complete range of plastic joining technologies, we’ll choose the best welding solutions based on a customer’s needs for size, shape, joint geometry, volume and budget.

Interior Designs and Assembly

Center Console

Whether comprised of two or three pieces, the primary challenge when assembling a Center Console is welding the outer console to the inner reinforcement and/or bin. This application requires a welding frequency that can accommodate intricate shapes. Some welding processes can accomplish this without using mechanical fasteners, delivering the added benefit of eliminating buzz, squeak and rattle issues.

Instrument Panel

Instrument panels require welding soft duct material to a molded duct to create an air-tight seal. The right welding technology can facilitate assembly of these complex shapes, eliminate use of adhesives and permit assembly of dissimilar materials — typically polyester for the soft duct and ABS for the molded duct. We consider the size and configuration of the duct and panel before recommending the best welding technology for your specific instrument panel design.

Instrument Cluster

Instrument clusters usually need a structural, dustproof weld that can maintain the integrity of the lens. The welding process also must control the internal and external flash to meet CMM (coordinate measuring) requirements. Some welding processes offer faster weld cycles and eliminate screws, gaskets and other consumables, reducing cost and saving time. Our goal is to find the process that will deliver consistent, repeatable welds and produce components that are aesthetically pleasing.

Glove Box

The common challenge of glove box assembly is welding the outer surface to the inner bin. The right welding process should be able to handle typical glove box materials, including ABS, polypropylene and TPO, while also accommodating complex sizes and configurations. We can recommend processes that don’t require mechanical fasteners to ensure a clean, aesthetically appealing weld.

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