Engine & Powertrain Vehicle Components

Emerson automotive components ensure the efficient performance of electric motors, combustion engines and hybrids. 

Crucial Components for Safety and Quality

Emerson technology and automotive solutions provide vehicle manufacturers with dependable performance across the spectrum of engine and motor types. Our regulators, valves, sensors and welding systems are integral to the production process. We help keep today’s conventional, alternative and hybrid vehicles runningat optimal levels – from buses, boats and forklift trucks to popular consumer vehicles.

Engine & Powertrain Solutions

Alternative Fuel Engines

Eco-friendly alternative fuels help manufacturers create vehicles that reduce carbon emissions. Emerson produces valves and regulators for onboard compressed natural gas panels (CNG) and onboard hydrogen fuel supply panels for bus and truck engines. Emerson regulators and valves ensure that these onboard hydrogen supply panels run optimally, extending their life cycle and ensuring continuously available power supply to the vehicles. 

Hybrid and Pure Electric

Newer hybrid and electric vehicles use lithium ion batteries as a power source. Emerson ultrasonic metal welding technology is ideal for the very thin, similar or dissimilar electrical-grade alloys in lithium ion batteries. Ultrasonic metal welding enables automotive manufacturers to join tab material to expanded metal or foil for electrode termination. With the lowest cost per weld, ultrasonic metal welding has proven to be more cost-effective than other fusion joining methods.

Conventional Fuel Engines

Our automotive sensors are used in air temperature sensing applications such as HVAC and Charge-Air temperature sensing, monitoring air entering the engine. With this data, the engine’s computer intelligence estimates air density to balance the mixture of air and fuel. When conditions vary, such as in the denser air of colder weather, the engine must add extra fuel to maintain the same ratio of air to fuel.

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