Automotive Exterior Solutions

Industry-leading plastic welding solutions deliver distinctive exterior details for leading automotive manufacturers.

Upgrade to Higher Precision and Performance

Automotive suppliers must balance productivity and innovation while meeting rigorous design, quality and material standards. Branson welding technologies can help improve every part of the production and performance of your vehicle components and systems.

Our process-neutral range of plastic welding technologies offers more options and applications for smarter joint design, providing the long-term durability and performance that adhesives and fasteners simply cannot match.

For Your Most Demanding Designs

Tail Lights

Weld complex shapes like double parabolas and tall, unsupported walls to create tail lights with watertight seals and show-stopping appeal. Our range of welding options allows you to select the right technology for your design, and in the process eliminates consumables, so no screws, gaskets or adhesives are needed for assembly.

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Lift Gates

Branson large-part vibration welding systems are built to handle the toughest requirements for tail and lift gate assemblies.

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Linear vibration welding enables the assembly of complex shapes like a rear spoiler without adhesives or mechanical fasteners.  

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Branson’s series of linear vibration welders produce strong, pressure-tight joints to ensure automotive manufacturers can assemble bumpers that look stylish and meet safety standards.

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