Fuel Dispensing

Safe storage, transport and access to conventional and alternative fuels with Emerson fuel-dispensing equipment.

Minimize Risks of Fuel Storage and Dispensing

Emerson regulators, valves, electrical fittings and components provide reliable dispensing solutions for fuel transporters and downstream suppliers. Emerson serves both conventional and alternative fuel markets with solutions that minimize the risk of explosions, noxious fumes and other hazards associated with fuel storage and dispensing, while assuring smooth fueling experiences for end users, regardless of fuel type.

Fuel Dispensing Solutions

Alternative Fuels

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs associated with storing and dispensing high-pressure gas and liquid fuels with regulators, valves, seals and hazard-rated fittings that control fuel flow, pressure, blending and shut-off at fueling stations.


Shut-off and safety are critical to dispensing compressed natural gas or hydrogen. Our regulators protect against overfilling by reducing dispenser pressure. To prevent vapor combustion, our electrical seals and fittings on valves are explosion-proof and dust-ignition-proof.


Our stainless steel valves are suitable for extreme climates and have high pressure ratings and high flow designs to reduce fill time and provide a fueling experience similar to conventional fuels.

Conventional Fuels

Emerson supplies customized valves to control the blending and throughput of octane-based fuels to a meter, ensuring precise gasoline dispensing in any climate. Custom shut-off, two stage and custom proportional valves ensure a convenient and safe filling experience.


Our durable fittings build electrical raceways and enclosures  to minimize the passage of gases and vapors, and prevent the passage of flames from one portion of a conduit or cable system to another.

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