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Fuel Blending

Optimize your blending operations to meet region-specific fuel requirements and varying market demand.

Blend with Greater Control over Cost, Quality, and Flexibility

Everything from quality giveaway, feedstock variability, and tankage needs, to slowdowns, high-cost components, and poor asset utilization can hurt the profitability of your fuel blending operation. Emerson can help optimize your process for today’s clean-fuels market. With online property analysis and advanced in-line blending control, you’ll be able to minimize giveaway while reducing tankage, ensuring compliance, and meeting your production targets even amid fast-changing market demand.

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Get the real-time, accurate data you need to gain better visibility of inventory and tank status

Solution in Action

Maintaining the profitability of your blending operation can be difficult, especially if you’re challenged to meet production plans, avoid quality giveaway, minimize risk, and keep costs low. In addition to a complete portfolio of consulting services that include engineering studies and process design, Emerson offers project execution expertise that’s backed by a performance guarantee to ensure that your investment produces results—all delivered by one supplier that’s easy to do business with.

To remain competitive and profitable, you’re under pressure to reduce quality giveaway and avoid touchups. Emerson offers complete sampling, conditioning, and real-time property analysis systems housed in custom-built shelters, which allow you easily test and adjust the characteristics of each blend to avoid touch-ups, minimize inventory and tankage costs, and ensure compliance with the latest clean-fuel emissions regulations.

You’re challenged to meet product specifications using the most cost-effective components possible and managing blend recipes precisely. Emerson’s advanced process control experts can help you devise control strategies to achieve the highest level of performance and profitability, as well as the automation solutions you need to execute them consistently.

Blend recipe execution requires a reliable and precise control system that can accurately measure and adjust for errors in real time. Emerson can provide everything needed to reliably achieve on-spec production, from individual measurement and control devices to integrated factory-tested skids that reduce project risk and allow you to perform cutovers without scheduling costly shutdowns.

Knowing the precise quantity, quality, and location of every component in your storage operation at any given time is crucial to meeting your dynamic production schedule. Emerson’s tank management and level gauging solutions give you the real-time, accurate data you need to gain better visibility of tank status and movements to support line-ups to the blender. And with the efficiencies in-line blending allows, you can reduce your overall tankage requirements and related costs.

Equipment problems such as pump cavitation, bearing wear, and stuck valves can lead to failures that cause unexpected downtime, missed production schedules, higher maintenance costs, and safety incidents. With Emerson, you’ll be able to ensure that the right maintenance is performed at the right time to prevent equipment issues before they impact your bottom line or pose a threat to your personnel.

Blending operations pose several potential safety and health risks, including equipment failures and incidents caused by manual error or improper alarm management. With Emerson’s automation solutions you will minimize your workers’ exposure to hazardous situations and be able to respond immediately to possible equipment issues, overfills, leaks, and fires, before they lead to serious accidents or environmental incidents.

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