Cell Culture Production

Ensure cell cultures meet titer targets through process improvements that achieve optimal environments in bioreactors.

Gain Greater Insight and Control for All Stages of a Process

Achieving an optimal environment in a bioreactor is critical to maximizing cell culture growth and ensuring drug substance production targets are met. Whether a process relies on traditional, large-scale reactors or smaller, single-use vessels, Emerson’s scalable approach for optimizing production leverages accurate, precise sensing and measurement technologies, advanced control capabilities, and application expertise to help manufacturers meet market demand and maintain regulatory compliance.

Solutions in Action


Without effective temperature control, biotech processes suffer. Across all operating processes, temperature variations of as little as one degree Celsius can limit production. Emerson’s comprehensive set of products and services can effectively monitor and control temperature in biotech applications. From sensors and control valves to control algorithms and diagnostics, Emerson offers temperature control solutions that maximize production levels and ensure quality.


When it comes to cell culture processes pH is critical, but monitoring and controlling pH can be challenging. Metabolic changes in organisms and improperly calibrated sensors can result in ineffective pH control and negatively impact an operation. Emerson’s innovative cell culture products and services provide a standardized management solution for effectively monitoring and controlling pH in a cell culture application so that manufacturers can maximize production while ensuring quality.


Precise control of the pressure within a bioreactor is necessary for ensuring adequate delivery of oxygen from a gas stream to cell culture, but even slight variations in local pressures can stunt cellular growth and limit product formation. Emerson’s wide array of innovative pressure management solutions provide enhanced measurement and control capabilities while meeting tough process requirements, including hygienic applications, to assure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Gas Nutrient

Fostering the optimal growth environment within a bioreactor requires adding the right amounts of reactant gasses to a vessel to support a cell culture/ fermentation processes, but these amounts vary depending on the size and growth stage of a culture. Emerson’s flow and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) technologies enable flexible, precise control over perfusion processes, allowing manufactures to change a batch’s setpoints throughout a process, based on a culture’s growth profile to ensure maximum production.

Agitation Rocking

Agitation and rocking processes help transfer nutrients and oxygen to a cell culture within a bioreactor. While these mixing processes are critical to achieving optimal productivity, imprecise and ineffective machinery can lead to excessive spinning or shaking – and destroy a cell culture. Emerson’s technologies provide enhanced insight and control of mixing processes for large-scale and single-use bioreactors to maintain homogeneity throughout a vessel and ensure optimal nutrient transfer. 

Calibration Trace

For life sciences manufacturers, calibration issues can result in deviations and quarantined batches and requires increased maintenance. Lack of traceability can result in potential compliance issues. Emerson’s operations management solutions enable fully automated calibration processes that limit deviations and ensure peak performance of equipment. They also provide full batch traceability with audit trails and documentation to improve processes and ensure compliance.

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