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Maximize removal of impurities with technologies that ensure quality and keep pace with high-yielding manufacturing processes.

Ensure Quality with Improved Chromatography and Filtration

Keeping purification running smoothly means closely monitoring and accurately controlling complex processes like chromatography columns and filtration skids to ensure quality without loss of product. Emerson’s measurement and control technologies provide the control to keep pace with high-yield manufacturing processes and to prevent damage to products and equipment.

Solutions in Action


Ineffective temperature control can negatively impact purification processes by leading to conditions that degrade the integrity of a product or adversely influence the behaviors and properties of a product during separation. Emerson’s comprehensive set of temperature management technologies – from sensors and control valves to control algorithms and diagnostics – can effectively monitor and control temperature during purification processes to maximize production and ensure quality.


Failure to maintain correct pH ranges during purification processes can have serious consequences. For example, proteins may become unstable at the incorrect pH and begin to unfold, resulting in reduced product yield or even product losses. Emerson’s measurement and control technologies provide a standardized, automated management solution for effectively monitoring and controlling pH during purification processes to ensure effective separations and improved throughput.

Flow Control

Precise, accurate flow management is essential for controlling buffer additions to purification processes like chromatography columns and filtration systems. Poor flow control can mean lost product and higher operational costs. Emerson’s portfolio of flow control solutions ensures effective, time-efficient purification processes by leveraging the latest valve and metering technology as well as control and management systems to enable, validate and track accurate transfer of buffers and effluent.

Resin Management

Resins play a critical role in purification, but repeated, long-term use of these costly components can result in fouling, degradation and reduction in pore surface area – all of which decrease resin efficiency and impede product recovery. Emerson’s Syncade manufacturing execution system can electronically track and manage resin use to assure resin efficacy. In addition, the DeltaV Distributed Control System enables proper packing of resins to ensure high throughput purification.

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