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Fuel Management

Achieve a highly accurate energy baseline for your vessel’s performance with a Fuel Management System from Emerson.

Operate with Greater Precision

Emerson’s Integrated Control and Monitoring System helps you comply with environmental regulations, get accurate real-time data and obtain an overview of fuel, engine and vessel performance. Integrate measurements an d control over the entire fuel management system from bunkering to consumption.

Media & Case Studies

In order to make the right decisions on where to invest, you need to accurately measure your fleets fuel intake and usage.  Watch this video and learn more about it.

Emerson's Marine Fuel measurement solution provides fuel consumption data the marine industry needs to get the most value from their investment in their most precious assets – fuel.

Bram Belder demonstrates how the Marine Tank Management System provides a complete, integrated and easy-to-use solution for the monitoring and control of all tank-related functions on any type of ship.

Solutions in Action

  • Know what you bunker and get increased insight into process variables
  • 3rd party certified, state-of-the-art technology to accurately control and measure the bunker operation

Combining fuel measurements with existing tank and flow measurements will yield outstanding fuel integrity, securing against theft or adulteration. The fast flow of data will enable an up-to-date, fleet wide energy baseline and real-time data for in-depth knowledge and efficient planning.

  • Overview of the energy baseline and accurate current fuel consumption
  • Extensive logging of detailed consumption data for further analysis

Fuel consumption measurement is an important parameter that contributes to the overall fuel efficiency of a vessel. All applications require highly accurate and reliable measurement for tighter control and management of fuel burned to realize savings and potential reduction of emissions

  • Ensure correct heavy fuel viscosity
  • Measure the heavy fuel quality to secure optimal engine performance
  • Important tool in the fuel-switching process

In order to achieve the optimal combustion of heavy fuel on heaters and boilers, it is essential that you can measure and regulate the viscosity. This will provide a more homogeneous combustion and better fuel efficiency as well as compliance to environmental regulations.

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