Integrated Control and Monitoring Systems

A marine automation platform for onboard subsystems with control, monitor and alarm functions for operational continuity.

Seamless Onboard Integration: Stem to stern marine automation

The Integrated Control and Monitoring System grants you complete overview of different tasks onboard via an intuitive user interface. The system is a platform for all subsystems onboard, with monitor, control and alarm functionalities for operational continuity and safety for crew and vessel.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

How it Works

The ICMS system is scalable and can be customized for any ship type, while maintaining the formal requirements for an integrated control and monitoring system. The system architecture supports any combination of subsystems, such as fuel management systems, tank level gauging systems, cargo monitoring systems, valve control systems and auxiliary measurement systems. The result is a seamless integrated system assuring more accurate decision making and exceptional continuity in your operations.

  • Overview of the energy baseline and the accurate current fuel consumption

  • Extensive logging of detailed consumption data for further analysis

  • Integrated with engine torque and shaft RPM (rotation per minute) measurements

Combining fuel measurements with existing tank and flow measurements will yield an outstanding fuel integrity securing against theft and adulteration. The fast data flow will enable an up-to-date fleet wide energy baseline and real-time data for in depth knowledge and efficient planning.

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  • Digital transmitter with device diagnostics enable predictive maintenance through ICMS
  • Tank management functionality supports a vast range of tank level technologies

Fully integrated tank management functionality in our ICMS system incorporates exceptional level monitoring with tank and flow visualization to ensure perfect fluid management.

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  • Secure the integrity of your valuable cargo and get reliable real-time level data
  • Tank Management functionality makes it easy and safe to maintain separation of different fluids onboard

Supervision and control of the cargo content when loading and discharging is vital to ensure a safe and efficient cargo operation. With the tank management functionality in your ICMS system, you have control of all cargo tanks with exceptionally accurate and reliable tank radar gauges.

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  • Gain better visualization of fluid flow with dynamic pipe coloring
  • Remote and automated control of valves, pumps, engines and other service systems
  • Online transfer of tank content information to loading computer

With integrated tank management functionality, you have access to trend and performance monitoring ensuring all information is securely captured and displayed for further analysis. Advanced alarm filtering and distribution enable alarm indications at the right location and in relevant situations.

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  • Flexible interface to include other auxiliary measurements
  • Get the complete overview of measurements, such as continuous emission monitoring, environmental parameters and power management system performance

The ICMS supports various auxiliary measurements for use with other subsystems. The auxiliary measurements, includes parameters such as temperature, flow, and pressure. The connectivity includes standard field-buses, analog and digital I/O's and Ethernet based sensors and transmitters, customized for your specific requirements.

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