Tank Level Gauging Systems

Flexible, Cost-efficient and Easily Accessible Sol​utions

Flexible, Cost-efficient and Easily Accessible Solutions

Electro-Pneumatic Systems and Pressure-based Level Transmitters are two technologies that are suitable for any marine tank application. The solutions have low maintenance needs and are used to measure the level in ballast and service tanks as well as for draft measurements and void space monitoring.

Solutions in Action

  • Robust marine electro-pneumatic tank level gauging system with all electronics located in easily accessible safe areas
  • Limited troubleshooting and maintenance due to no sensitive equipment being located in harsh marine environments

The Electro-Pneumatic Tank Level Gauging System is a reliable solution for ballast, fuel, miscellaneous tanks and void spaces providing accurate tank level indication for all ship types.

  • Flexibility due to a wide range of installation kits, suitable for virtually any tank level application
  • The robust all-welded titanium housing transmitter is developed for harsh marine environments

The Pressure based Tank Level Gauging solutions from Emerson are suitable for all marine tank level applications. This enables you to find a suitable, robust and reliable transmitter for all applications with less design constraints.

  • High frequency (26 GHz) two-wire continuous radar level transmitter
  • Designed for marine environments with stainless steel housing and condensation / dirt resistant antennas

With the Radar based Tank Level Gauging solution from Emerson, you get a robust level transmitter designed for harsh marine environments using non-contacting radar technology.

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