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Customized offshore solutions for FPSOs, like radar based cargo monitoring and valve remote control for high safety on board.

Optimize Production On Board Your FPSO

Production control, energy costs and maintenance are daily challenges that must be considered when optimizing the production on board your FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading). Emerson provides on board systems and equipment to ease processes and with our decades of marine experience we can assist you from project and building phase into operation. Make Emerson your trusted partner from start to finish.

Solutions in Action

  • Gain control of fluid flow in ballast, bilge, cargo and service tanks with valve remote control system
  • Ensure high safety and redundancy when required with specific equipment features
  • Easily adaptable to existing vessels and systems

With a large range of actuators in different sizes and torques, the Valve Remote Control System can be customized to fit your FPSO specification. With solutions that can easily adapt to rebuilds and upgrades of existing vessels and systems and provide advanced safety features, Emerson’s VRC solutions are a great choice for your FPSO.

  • Cost efficient with low need for maintenance

  • Easy Access remote maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Flexibility with wide range of tank level gauging technologies

For measuring level in ballast and service tanks, different technologies can be used, such as electro-pneumatic systems and tank level transmitters.These solutions provide flexibility and customized systems that meet requirements for redundancy and division in different fire zones.

  • Full range of tank radar gauges suited for all cargo tanks types
  • Superior quality and performance under all measurement conditions
  • Prepared for full redundancy

Tank radar gauges are an integral part of one of the most important systems on board any FPSO, the Cargo Monitoring System. Emerson provides an extensive selection of solutions for the most reliable, accurate measurements on board your FPSO, including instruments suited for safety applications.

  • Precise and reliable radar based solution used as level based metering system
  • Maximizing profitability with precise data and uninterrupted system uptime
  • Cost-effective solution that eliminates equipment needed for custody transfer

When transferring LPG and crude-oil, do custody transfer via a level based metering system that uses the same radar solution already in place for cargo monitoring. This is a cost-effective approach that eliminates calibration downtime and the need for a metering skid, reducing installation and annual calibration costs.

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