Gas Chromatography Analysis in Expander Gas and NGL Plants


Expander Gas Plant

One of the most common designs of a natural gas plant is the expander gas plant, which, by design, efficiently removes the ethane and heavier components from natural gas for use in feedstock to chemical plants.

An Emerson gas chromatograph provides critical measurements to the expander plants to:

  • Calculate BTU shrinkage across the plant
  • Optimize control of the demethanizer tower

NGL Plant

The liquids extracted from natural gas are an important source of feedstock for a number of other petrochemical processes. The ethane and propane are used as feed to ethylene plants and a refinery's alkylation unit uses the iso-butane. To separate these compounds from the natural gas liquids (NGL), a series of distillation towers is used to separate the methane and heavier streams into individual pure product streams.

Emerson's gas chromatographs are used in numerous processes throughout the NGL plant. An Emerson gas chromatographs will play a critical role in optimizing the distillation tower operation and assuring that each of the product streams meets the specifications.

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