Custody Transfer

Achieve best-possible transfer measurement accuracy and reliability to assure commercial and regulatory compliance

Measuring Custody Transfer With Absolute Precision

Ensuring consistent accuracy of your pipeline metering system can be crucial for business survival.  That’s why Emerson offers complete lifecycle care for custody transfer systems complete with expert evaluations to calculate the uncertainty-to-cost ratio of your specific operation. If your uncertainty level is high, our technicians will help identify the problem areas and recommend system improvements with accurate, reliable, and sustainable solutions.

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Reduce lost and unaccounted for and improve your bottom line with accurate, reliable measurements and custody transfer solutions

Solution in Action

Flow measurement accuracy is the heart of custody transfer of hydrocarbons from seller to buyer. To ensure safe and reliable measurement of product flow, Emerson’s state-of-the-art technologies and solutions provide seamless and reliable integration of all system components for precise measurement despite varying operating conditions and harsh environments.

Many operational challenges are connected to the reliability and accuracy of the fiscal measurement system, and having the right technology and design at your disposal can easily address these issues. Emerson offers Smart Meter Verification and Dual Configuration Ultrasonic meter systems to allow easy verification of meter performance increasing uptime, eliminating uncertainty, reducing cost, and ensuring environmental compliance. 

Emerson custody transfer solutions provide sustainable performance and reliable measurements through effective maintenance and lifecycle management programs. Early insight and accurate diagnostics of system conditions allow for immediate system actions, while lifecycle solutions help reduce total cost of ownership, eliminate downtime, and maintain system efficiency for its overall lifetime.

With everything that goes into operational efficiency, it can be difficult to monitor regulatory compliance issues.  Emerson’s wide range of solutions and proven fiscal measurement expertise promotes optimal performance for all components, ensures system approval by regulatory authorities and improves your overall compliance with pertinent contract and regulation requirements. 

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